About Vaitheeswaran koil Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology is originated in Vaitheeswaran koil near to Chidambaram Natraj temple. Vaitheeswaran koil Nadi Astrology is the famous name that people knows around the world. Our ancestors were hold some positions in the temple during the period of king Rajaraja chola empire and they had deep knowledge in Astrology and Ayurveda. They started Nadi Astrology reading in the period of king Sarfoji who collected ancient scripts written in palm leaves and stored in his palace. Now we are giving Nadi predictions from the scripts of Saint Agasthya to people around the world.

About Nadi Astrology in Vaitheeswaran koil

There are 18 types of Nadi Astrology available and it is written by 18 Rishis. Agastya nadi, Sivanadi or Shivanadi, Bogar nadi, Kowshika nadi, Atri nadi, Vashistar nadi, Kagabujandar nadi, Pulipani nadi, Korakkar nadi, Dhanvantri nadi, Brigu nadi, Thulliya nadi, Sukshma nadi, Atisukshma nadi, Siva sukshma nadi, Maha sukshma nadi, Suksha sukshma nadi and mahasiva nadi are famous. Vaitheeswaran koil and Chidambaram are very famous for Nadi Astrology.

Nadi astrology predictions are helping people to take right decisions in some confusion situations, because it is written thousands of years ago based on the thumb impression of people. Every thumb impression is unique but there are only 108 main types mentioned in Nadi Astrology. We need thumb impression of a person to search that persons Nadi leaf. A person can know about present and future happenings.

About Our Genuine Nadi Astrologers

Nadi astrology is written thousands of years ago by rishis and mahans who are the super power people and they know about past, present and future of every human. All that nadi scripts stored by king Sarfoji in his fort. There is a community called valluva in Tamilnadu, they are skilled in Astrology, Spiritual and Ayurvedha, our Guruji and our Nadi readers are belongs to that community called Valluva.

Have a chance to get your Nadi leaf to know your future life and solve all your problems with the remedies of ancient saints. Call +91 9791977159 for more details about appointment and Nadi reading procedure.

About India's Oldest Nadi Astrology Center

Our Guruji agatthiyar is the 4th generation Nadi Astrologer from traditional deep rooted Astrology family in Chidambaram in India. We are doing this Nadi Jyotish online service to all kind of people around the world. Our Nadi Astrology center is providing best online nadi astrology service in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, also we have translators for international languages. Our customers are from India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, China, Netherlands, Mongolia, Turkey, Canada, Russia, France, Japan, Korea, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, UK, Saudi Arabia, USA, Switzerland and Australia. We are doing our utmost dedicated service for the happiness of people.


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This is the Oldest Nadi Astrology center in this world. 90 years oldest center and 4 generations heritage family. All languages available and Nadi readings are done by experienced Nadi readers.

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”I simply say that Nadi Astrology is amazing! and Guruji Agasthiya is super power man!. I loved your prediction Guruji!”

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